Working With Architects

With thirty minutes left in the day, it’s safe to say that I’m excited for the weekend. All I need to do after work is pop by the architects’ studio on my way home. I just need to pick up the designs for my home extension and review them over the weekend so that I can give the architects the tick of approval to send the plans to the builders.

I have complete faith in the architects that I’ve chosen to work with. They didn’t flinch when I was upfront and asked them “how much does an architect cost?”, and they were very transparent about everything that they would do and what would be required from me. As a business owner myself, I really respect it when people are upfront about their services and the costs associated with them. I value honesty and professional integrity. I also value high-quality work and by the look of the architect’s portfolio, high quality is an understatement.

I’m now officially home and ready to begin my weekend. I feel both relaxed and excited. I’m making myself a green tea as we speak. Soon I’m going to grab a fluffy blanket and my reading glasses and review the plans drawn up by my local Bayside architects. This is my ideal Friday night and I am very happy about my situation.

Well, I’ve looked over the plans. I promised the architects that I would give them my honest feedback and so, that’s what I’ll do. My honest and true feedback is that I absolutely LOVE the plans they have for my new home renovation. The plans are elegant, tasteful and functional. The plans are everything I asked for and more. I am ecstatic. For the first time in longer than I can remember, I wish that the weekend would hurry up so that I can go and visit the architects. I can’t wait for the next stage of the extension process to begin. 


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