About Us

About Us

Tree House began as a dream between two brothers, brothers who noticed one day that they missed the carefree, adventuring spirit of childhood and wanted to inject it back into their daily lives. From that, Tree House was born – a restaurant and cocktail bar that mixes the thrill of what you could do as a kid and the fun of what you can do as an adult.

Who are we?

John and Marco Bell were raised in the Armvale Ranges, spending every minute not at school or helping Mum, out in the beautiful trees, climbing and running and tripping over logs. As they grew up, they both moved away from the forest and into big cities where they had decent jobs and started families of their own – but they both felt something was missing.

One night, while talking about how much they missed that feeling of freedom they had as kids, they came up with a crazy plan – what if they built a restaurant built on that feeling? What if they could recapture the magic of their childhood by helping other people recapture their own youth, even if just for one night. And in that conversation – Tree House was born.

They started with the picturesque location you see today and built up from there, hiring world-class chefs and designing their own canopy ropes-course for any guests looking to challenge themselves before a meal. The cocktail bar was John’s idea – but Marco gets the credit for our world-famous Silent Sipping lookout.

After nearly seven years, the brothers are still chasing that feeling they got as kids, and loving coming to work every day to see the smiles from their guests and staff as they remember the freedom of childhood and enjoy the perks of being an adult.