Wallpaper For Hospitals

As I sit in the hospital room waiting for my test results, I’m simultaneously in a daze and mesmerised by the interesting-looking wallpaper decorating the walls. I can’t really concentrate on anything other than the wallpaper. The test results that I’m expecting to get are likely not going to be very good, so I can’t bring myself to think about them too deeply.

I’d rather stare intensely at this Australian botanical wallpaper that is on every wall within my direct eyesight. It’s really pretty. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s my style but for a hospital room it is a really nice way to add some life and colour. Hospitals are dreary and depressing enough without being surrounded by plain white walls. It’s actually nice that this hospital has gone to some effort to make itself more friendly for its patients and the families of those people who are sick enough to find themselves here.

I wonder what my mum thinks about the wallpaper. I’m going to ask her.

“Hey mum, what do you think about the wallpaper?” I said slowly. I was shocked at the sound of my voice. I knew I’d felt like crying since being here, but I didn’t realise I sounded like it too. 

My mum looked at me in surprise. We hadn’t spoken for the last couple of hours; the two of us were both staring into the abyss waiting for results that could potentially ruin my life forever.

Mum started, “I quite like the wallpaper actually. This is saying something because I don’t usually fancy wallpaper at all. Seeing as they’re going for a nature theme in this wing, I feel like they should probably add some flower wall decals to the space for a bit of extra texture.” 

I hadn’t thought about that, but it was clear she had. She must have been trying to distract herself from the test results too. I feel sorry for her. No one wants to accept the fact that their child is sick.


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