The Tennis Court

I’ve been playing a lot of sports recently, and by a lot, I mean a lot. Every day after work I go straight to the tennis courts and play with random people for hours. Right until the sun sets. It’s a lot of fun. However, I think I have been doing it too often since I seem to have injured myself.

It’s not an injury in my arms, which is what you would have expected when I said I became injured from tennis. I’ve looked up a list of the common foot conditions Cheltenham tennis players seem to get, and I’ve discovered a trend. The clay on the courts at this particular Cheltenham venue hasn’t been set properly, and there’s a whole group of locals online complaining about the injuries they’ve sustained from playing on it for too long. Sounds like a court case if we’re being honest. I probably won’t pursue anything just because I’m lazy, but I probably won’t go back to that same tennis venue until the issue is fixed. I wouldn’t want to make the problem of my feet even worse.

Anyway, after I sign the petition to get the courts fixed, I’m going to visit a podiatrist to get them to look at my feet. I think I might even need compression therapy, that’s how bad my feet are. I have no idea what the actual issue is, but they really hurt every time I try to take a step. This only started happening after I used the courts, so I know it’s from them. Since the podiatrist is local to my area, I imagine they have seen a number of the exact same foot conditions like the one I have without even realising it. After all, literally dozens of people have complained about their feet becoming injured from the tennis centre. I’m not too fussed about money or anything like that, I just want my feet fixed so I can get back to playing the game I love.


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