Solar Scientist Threat

Vai moved like a viper, grappling Dr Dark McBane before any of them could even figure out what was going on. She held him tight, ready to do the unthinkable to the Conclave’s head scientist.

“Bet you wish I’d done a bunch of 30KW solar systems like you asked,” Vai said into the man’s ear with a smirk. “Things would have gone smoothly, and your life wouldn’t be in danger right now.”

Con Dew tried to appear casual, as if he wasn’t afraid his entire operation would fall apart if she took out Dr McBane. But she knew how this would go. She’d seen how the Conclave had been divided over the demise of their previous head solar power scientist. It had been extremely difficult to get them to all rally behind McBane. The problem would only be worse with the next one. Suddenly, members of the organisation wouldn’t be talking about the benefits of solar power for business, but they would instead be debating the future of the Conclave of Mechanists.

“Call off Bender,” Vai said with venom in her voice. “Let Cole and me leave here or your precious head scientist gets it.”

Despite his composure, Con sighed. “Very well, you’ve got me here. You know how hard it is to find somebody who can combine robots with the best methods when it comes to using a commercial solar panel calculator. Without our efficient energy, we are nothing. Bender, leave the other robot alone!”

Bender stood and stepped away from Cole, immediately obeying its master. Cole slowly picked himself up from the ground, standing behind the robot. Vai gave him the slightest nod, hoping he would know what to do.

“You may leave, and let our battle continue another day,” Con said. “Just unhand my scientist.”

Vai grinned and shook her head, as Cole took another step forward.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” she said.

Cole slammed his fist into Bender’s back, puncturing the metal and ripping out the robot’s core. Only a second of silence passed before Bender began to spark with electricity, followed by an almighty boom.

Vai took a deep breath, accepting what was to come. For you, Mai.

Then there was only darkness.


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