Shoulder Story Time

Hi Mabel,

Such a pleasure seeing you back on the forum. We’ve all missed you (and your CRAZY stories)!

So sad to hear about your shoulder troubles. If there’s anything you need from our little community, just send up a flare and we’ll be right here! I hear Doris might even be on the cusp of sharing her brownie recipe!

I don’t suppose anyone would remember, but I actually went through something quite similar a few years ago now. It wasn’t just an issue with my rotator cuff, but my whole joint was out of whack. Most people get arthritis in their fingers before they get it in their shoulders! I ended up seeing the most amazing, kind and most esteemed shoulder injury specialist located near Melbourne! He was so charming, and took such good care of me.

In the spirit of sharing gruesome details because they make us feel safer, I dug up some old memories of my shoulder arthroplasty surgery details and I thought I’d share them with you here. Bit of a content warning (as the kids say!), but I figure if you’re digging around this forum then you’ll be fine with a bit of detail!

Because both my shoulder socket and the actual ball of my shoulder were both so badly worn, I unfortunately had to have a total shoulder replacement as part of my arthroplasty surgery, where they replaced both of them with these nifty plastic parts that pick up the slack where my silly joints couldn’t play nice with one another.

My lovely doctor took care of me throughout the entire procedure, and the few extra days I had to stay in hospital after the surgery. He said that it all went well though, although I might never quite get my full range of movement back, which is a real shame (and has mostly been true).

Still, I can pick up my grandkids and carry groceries in from the car – and what more is there in life?

Ta-ta for now!

– Sheryl


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