No More Videographers

Do you know how hard it is to find a good business nowadays? I swear half of them are out here working just for profits instead of actually trying to help their customers. I own a business myself, and apart from getting money I really enjoy working with my customers. It seems the same can’t be said for everybody. I hired a freelance videographer a couple of months ago and they almost single-handedly brought my business to the ground. It almost steered me away from videographers altogether. However, I really do need one to help advertise my business. Especially because I personally have no talent when it comes to creativity.

There are several video production companies in the Melbourne area, which I knew from the last time I tried to hire one. I’ll never hire a freelancer again, though. I decided to go to the internet and make a new list. They might not be as affordable as the previous one I hired, but you pay for quality, right? Their website was super professional and easy to navigate. There were pictures all over it of their employees holding video cameras, and pages that showed their portfolio. They seem to do everything from editing to animation.

I’d never thought to look for a video animation company before, but it seems like it could work. I’ve seen businesses like mine use animation in their television advertisements, and although I know nothing about marketing itself, it does suggest that there is a target market who will enjoy and be persuaded by ads with animation instead of real people.

Before I make a decision about what this ad of mine will look like, I obviously want to get in touch with the company itself. They have their phone number listed on their website, as well as a contact form, however, I think I’ll just give them a call tomorrow morning. I like talking to someone in real time and getting their thoughts through their voice, rather than through a stiff and generic email. That’s how you know if you can work with someone.


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