Neighbours Are Building

‘Ugh,’ Jemerson sneered disdainfully from his balcony, setting down his opera glasses and strutting back inside. ‘Can you believe them?’

‘Believe who, darling?’ his wife Beatrice asked, swanning into the room at the exact same time, two martini glasses held aloft.

‘Ah, thank you dear,’ Jemerson sighed, taking one of the martinis and perching himself on the plush leather couch. Beatrice looked mildly confused as to why he’d taken one of her drinks, then shrugged and sat opposite him.

‘Those damned new neighbours of ours,’ Jemerson continued his exasperated rant. ‘Have you seen the monstrosity they’re constructing out there?’

‘I simply refuse to look,’ Beatrice shook her head disdainfully. ‘Every morning when I wake up, it’s all I can do to tear my eyes away from those construction workers whilst you’re bathing.’

‘I know, it’s as if—wait, what?’

‘And did you see who they hired?’ Beatrice went on. ‘Only the best luxury custom home builders on the Mornington Peninsula!’

‘My word,’ Jemerson shook his head. ‘And they’re building that? You know, I could swear they’re building a slide out of the bedroom window and into the pool.’

‘Ridiculous,’ Beatrice opined. ‘Truly absurd. Excellent construction work though, wouldn’t you say?’

‘Oh, well, I’m not sure I’m fully able to—’

‘Truly superb craftsmanship,’ Beatrice nodded, her gaze softening slightly. ‘Quite… dreamy.’

‘I’m not sure I would describe them as—’

‘Jemerson, dear,’ Beatrice’s eyes flashed with an idea. ‘Do we have any need for construction companies to work on my Mornington Peninsula house?’

‘I don’t, er, rather…why? What?’

‘Never mind, dear,’ Beatrice patted her husband on his tastefully exposed ankle. ‘I’m sure we’ll figure something out.’

She stood up and went to the window, delicately sipping on her martini as she watched the new house being built.

‘Jemerson, darling’ she called over her shoulder without looking away. ‘Might I trouble you for those opera glasses?’

Jemerson was bewildered.


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