Need a Tattooist

“Here, put this on,” ordered Gideon, passing Lorenzo something that looked like a blanket. He couldn’t make out exactly what it was in the dim light.

“What is it?”

“It’s a robe, like wizards used to wear.”

“Used to? I don’t think wizards were ever a real thing,” Lorenzo said as he slipped the robe on. “This is more like something a monk would wear. Why, though?”

Gideon took out a torch and turned it on, revealing the long tunnel up ahead. “Because if I’m going to have you under my employ, you’ll be covering up those numerous tattoos of yours. They could come in handy later, but for now, you keep them hidden.”

“And what if I don’t want to be under your employ?”

Giving a loud tsk, Gideon said, “You’d rather go back to the mess that is the surface? No, trust me, this is what you want. When all the cards are revealed you’ll be glad you stuck with me. So keep those tats covered. I don’t care if you want to show that you’ve visited the best tattooist Brisbane has to offer.”

Lorenzo pursed his lips and considered it. He was probably right. The world was falling apart outside. He sighed and stepped forward with Gideon. “So, what’s this place all about? We going underground?”

“Yep.” Gideon moved toward the tunnel and Lorenzo followed. “I was fortunate enough to have a few people from high society vouch for me to get a spot. I was told I could bring a plus one.”

“And you chose this humble admirer of a renowned Japanese tattooist from Brisbane? I’m honoured, but don’t you have a girlfriend or something? A boyfriend?”

Gideon laughed. “My friend, you underestimate me. I have big plans for us down here. Big, big plans. You see, the nature of the world is changing. Things are going to work differently down here, and I’m going to make sure we end up on top. There will be plenty of time for romance once we rule the world.”


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