My New Cousin

This month, I’m helping my aunt and uncle design a new nursery for their baby girl. They’re expecting her in June, which I think is a lovely month to have a baby. However, it’s going to be winter and it’s going to be very cold, which means that we want to get things done as soon as possible so that we’re not working throughout the colder months. It’s summer now, which is the perfect time to get renovations done. Especially DIY renovations, where we don’t get paid for doing it as the professionals would.

On today’s list of things to do for the nursery is find a beautiful children’s nursery wallpaper. There’s been a bit of a wallpaper hype recently, I think since people realised you don’t just have to put up those ugly striped or flower wallpapers that look like they emerged straight from the nineteenth century. No, nowadays there are many more fun options, and wallpapers that reflect your personality and help show off the things you’re interested in and find unique. I suggested to my aunt and uncle that we visit our local interior design shop, since that is where I purchased wallpaper for my own house a few months ago. The last time I was there I walked past this amazing temporary unicorn wallpaper that I think would be perfect to put in the nursery.

Since they’re having a baby girl, I feel like the addition of the unicorns would be a really wonderful way to help foster the little one’s imagination, and get her excited and daydreaming about the future. I know that my imagination is one of my greatest assets, so it’s important to cultivate that ability in the next generation. Even though it’s not my own child, I’m super excited for my cousin to be born. I’m going to be her godmother, and it’s a role I’m going to cherish.


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