Pool Table Blues

My husband and I rarely fight, but I noticed lately it was almost as if we were at odds. I was really struggling to put my finger on it as we are the best of friends and rarely like to feud. Of course, just like any couple, it is normal to have a spat from time to time, but ours have honestly been few and far between. That is, until last weekend. Ever since last Saturday, he’s been oddly quiet. I assume it’s because he wanted to buy a pool table we saw. See, I was looking to buy a new yoga mat so we ended up walking around looking at other sports equipment for sale in Australia. This country has a few major sporting goods stores, but there’s one I like in particular. It’s close by and they have a great range both in-store and online. 

Anyway, I noticed when we were walking around, he was so fixated on this pool table. I’ve always hated pool – even back when we were dating he’d try to make me play pool and I’d despise it. I think I still hate pool to this day because of how much he tried to ram the game down my throat. Well, let’s just say some old memories resurfaced very fast for us both when we got into a semi-heated discussion about why we should and why we shouldn’t have a pool table. My two main reasons were that it’d take up unnecessary space and that it was way out of our budget, especially when we’ve been saving up for a few other expenses. 

Since that discussion, he has been so closed up and reserved. It honestly made me feel quite sad, as he’s been a lovely husband. I was just trying to be logical and practical. Let’s just say that I caved into the sombre mood in my home and started searching for a second-hand pool table for sale. Good news is I’ve found one. Now have to find a way to get it here without him knowing.



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