Morning Office Coffee

I saw Michael get up out of his seat and quickly jumped out of mine, collecting a bunch of loose papers off my desk so nobody would immediately question me as I stood up.

‘Good morning,’ I whispered, falling into step with him in the office corridor.

‘Why are you whispering?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know,’ I frowned. ‘I’m feeling extra sneaky, I guess.’

‘Well, it makes you look extra suspicious.’


‘Did you have any coffee this morning?’ he asked, gesturing to the office kitchen.

‘Not yet,’ I lied with a grin. ‘First cup, here we come.’

He turned into the kitchen, dropping his stack of files onto the rickety break-room table. I collected some mugs from the drying rack.

‘Do you know who Jeanine is?’ I asked, reading a label on the bottom of the mug.

‘No, why?’

‘No reason,’ I said quickly, spooning coffee into it. ‘Have you heard the rumours?’

‘You’ll need to be more specific,’ Michael sighed, sitting down and flicking through his phone.

‘They’re talking about installing a new office design. Melbourne had someone visit them last week and everything.’

‘That doesn’t make sense,’ Michael frowned. ‘Didn’t we just get a new office fitout?’

‘Nah, that was seven or eight years ago,’ I shook my head, pouring the boiling water.

Seven or eight—’ Michael cut himself off, white-knuckling the side of the table. ‘We’ve been working here nearly ten years?!’

‘Time flies, eh?’

‘Yeah,’ he sat back, considerably paler. ‘Something like that.’

‘Hopefully, they hire a company that specialises in office fitouts in the Melbourne CBD at least,’ I snorted. ‘That one we had last time was a nightmare. I think it was the boss’s cousin?’

I turned around with two mugs, but Michael was gone. I frowned and ducked my head into the hallway – just in time to see him step into an elevator, undoing his tie.

‘Michael!’ I called after him. ‘Michael, your coffee!’



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