Mini Road Trip

Queensland has the best beaches in Australia. I’m convinced. If you go further north, you can run into a lot of beaches that are cordoned off due to poisonous jellyfish or crocodiles, but when you’re further south in the Brisbane area, it really does seem like paradise on Earth.

I’m taking a mini road trip around these beaches to get a little taste of what Queensland has to offer. I’m taking my trusty car, which honestly isn’t all that trusty anymore. It’s had a few problems recently, but I’m taking good care of it. I think right before I leave I’ll bring it to a car mechanic near me to get it looked over in a general service. I’m not due for my scheduled logbook service or anything like that, but for my own benefit it’s better if my car is in the best condition it can possibly be in.

It’s such a comfortable car to drive in, which is great because I’ll be spending a lot of time in it. If I can’t find a hotel for the night, I might even just park my car at a beach and sleep in it like I see a lot of other backpackers do. They have vans, but I have my comfortable car which I really think is just as good.

Since it’s summer, I also want to check that things like my car’s air conditioner are working properly. If I need to, I could always take my car to an auto electrician. Underwood has a few of these, so they won’t be too hard to find. Still, I’m hoping the general service with my mechanic will pick up any potential problems before they arise. My road trip is going to last for a couple of months. I’m not sure exactly how long, but at the moment I’m just planning to keep travelling until I run out of money. All I need is money for petrol and food. The beaches are free!


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