MC Floral House

I have always felt like I have one great rap album within me. I felt such a strong connection to 8 mile it literally has to be true. The only problem is no one would take me seriously as a rapper because I am a forty five year old female florist called Brenda. Nobody wants me to hear me spit rhymes about my spring bulbs. I just don’t have the look or vibe of a rapper. But then again maybe I can break the mould and push boundaries, my kids keep telling me it could be a youtube sensation and I am starting to see their point. Except I wouldn’t want to be laughed at as the new middle aged tragedy trying to stay hip by rapping about her blooming hyacinths and lush gardens. I have started writing down lyrics when they pop into my head, they’ll catch me at the strangest moments. 

The other day I was checking my soil pH levels and I realised that acidity goes nicely with fluidity and just like that I had a chorus. I think I would have come up with a rap name as Brenda doesn’t quite have the sex appeal I’m going for. Not that I’m going to be writhing around like Rihanna but I think there’s probably a happy medium. I keep coming back to MC Floral, its simple, to the point and audibly pleasing. My raps aren’t exclusive to flowers but I think they provide a great source of analogy to everyday life. Comparing the growth of my hyacinth mixed bulbs to that of my kids and the strength of my fruit vines to my inner strength is an excellent way for me to express my feelings. MC Floral won’t be taking off too soon but while the lyrics keep coming to me I will continue to write them down and maybe one day I’ll muster the strength to lay a demo.


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