Grotto and Cereal

I’m building a new house – the house of my dreams. I’ve never had this much money before, and now that I do I feel like I can finally go all out on design. I particularly want to put a lot of effort into my backyard, as I’ve always lived in an apartment and have never experienced personal greenery for myself. I really want to build a cute little grotto with a mini waterfall and statues of gnomes and fairies. I think that would be a really great talking point.

I also want to hire a professional kitchen design firm operating in Melbourne to design my kitchen. While I feel like I could possibly design my backyard by myself, the kitchen has so many bits and bobs that I would probably (accidentally) make it fall apart if I tried to do any of the work without help. Especially because there are a lot of plumbing and electrical aspects to the kitchen. Imagine if I cut through plumbing and caused a leak that broke my house forever! That would be the worst thing, and super expensive, too. Probably even more expensive than I can afford, despite my savings.

My kitchen renovation has to be done well. Like, really well. I want it to look good and also function flawlessly, which is why I need to employ outside help. That way, if my friends come over I can show them the kitchen and it will be clean because I have enough storage to hold everything. At the moment, I don’t have that. I don’t like bringing friends over to my house because I have cereal boxes all over the counter and my cutlery draw looks like it’s been upturned, even though there was really no room for it in the first place. Not to mention, my fridge doesn’t fit in its designated place. I know that these renovations will make my kitchen look incredible.


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