Faking Car Issues

I am not in the mood to be working right now. I’m bored, unmotivated and just counting down the minutes until my lunch break. I really can’t be bothered being here. I might just fake some sort of emergency with my car during my lunch break so that I can go home. No one knows how unproductive I’ve been this morning so they wouldn’t realise that I was just making it up.

Yeah, that’s it. As soon as I get back from my lunch break, I’m going to say I need to go to the mechanic servicing Deception Bay vehicles because my car was making weird noises when I was driving. I wonder if anyone will guess that I’m making it up. I doubt it. See, I’m in such a lazy mood that I can’t even be bothered to come up with a good excuse as to why my car is making noises. I wonder if they’ll see my lack of interest in everything and everyone and be concerned. Probably not. No one cares that much about other people. Everyone is just trying to act busy and pretend like they’re doing something / enough to earn their salaries. It’s all just one big corporate, capitalist game.

I’ve run into a speed bump. Pun intended. I probably should have used that as my excuse when I was frantically trying to convince my boss that I needed to leave work straight away. I told him that if I didn’t book an appointment with a car suspension specialist within the next hour my car would explode. I needed to get my car’s suspension sorted so badly that I needed to leave work straight away. Even though I’m sure no one believed me, I was in and out of the office so quickly that no one really had the opportunity to question me. That’s the way you have to do these things. 


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