Conveyancing Museum Mystery

Cobwebs and dust covered every corner of the conveyancing museum. The further in they got, the worse it became. Quickly, the space became so bad that it was hard to breathe. It seemed the owners had no interest in maintaining this place – perhaps that was why they hadn’t had visitors in years.

Maphira, Rylee and Vai came to an exhibit exploring the conveyancing business in the Caulfield area throughout the 1970s. It was hard to read any of the text on once-shiny plaques, although Maphira was able to make out a handful of words. From what she could tell, the conveyancing business was booming, with Melbourne expanding and plenty of demand for houses.

“Something feels off,” Rylee said. “I think we should just get out of here and head for Bender.”

Vai coughed before she spoke. “We’ve still got half an hour until rendezvous with the other team. Might as well see if we can find something interesting here, even if my lungs become entirely made of dust.”

“I’d love to know what conveyancing lawyers did during times of hardship,” Maphira said. “When people weren’t buying houses because they didn’t have the money or will. If we find something about that, I’ll be happy.”

They continued on, exploring the different sections of the very strange, old conveyancing museum. As they walked, a strange scratching sound came behind them. The women turned sharply, although nothing was there. It had almost sounded like nails on a chalkboard, or a chair being dragged along the ground.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Rylee said.

“Really, you’re going to quote Space Battles right now?” Vai laughed. “You’re right, though. Something isn’t right here. Still, no reason to panic.”

And that was when a table in front of them began to float in the air.

“Are you sure about that?” Maphira said. “Because I think this place might be haunted.”


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