Conveyancing Clear

Rylee’s pen travelled along the final page with a satisfying swish, almost more like a paintbrush than a writing tool. Each of the previous papers had disappeared after she completed them, and with this one, the job would be done. As Rylee watched the paper fade away, she pushed her wheelchair back and started toward the nearby furniture.

It would be a pain, using each piece, given that she couldn’t walk, but she’d find a way. Chairs and tables wanted nothing more than to be used by a property conveyancer one final time before they departed into the afterlife.

As Rylee pushed herself through the process, misty visions filled the building around her, showing a variety of scenes. She suspected that these were the happiest memories of each piece of furniture. One moment, she was pretending to write on a desk at a conveyancing firm near Caulfield, and the next she sat on a chair in a conference room bustling with property lawyers.

At times, she was overwhelmed with emotion, watching these moments in the lives of random pieces of furniture, as absurd as it sounded. The most interesting vision she saw was from a lamp, which had once belonged to a conveyancing team located in St Kilda. The lamp had witnessed two conveyancers fall in love and eventually agree to get married right within its light. Rylee even found herself choking up at that one.

When eventually she had put the souls of the conveyancing furniture to rest, a great deal of time had passed since Maphira and Vai left her behind. Surely, if they’d managed to capture Bender, they would have come back for her by now.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious Rylee grew. Something had gone wrong, on the building’s rooftop. If they were still alive, they were going to need Rylee’s help, regardless of whether her leg was in good shape or not.

She’d have to find out what happened, then come up with a plan, because she sure as heck wasn’t going to abandon them.


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