Community Nursing Ambitions

‘Mum,’ I took a deep breath. ‘I have something I need to tell you.’

‘Can it wait until after dinner, honey?’ she asked, back turned to me as she chopped vegetables on the kitchen bench. ‘I’m a little slammed right now.’

‘No, I—’ I choked back tears. ‘I don’t think it can.’

She turned around at the sound of my voice, laying the knife down and fixing me with a look of concern.

‘What is it, Samantha?’ she asked gently.

‘I know what I want to do with my life,’ I said. ‘I’ve figured it out.’

‘What you want to… what?’

‘I want to work for the highest-rated disability service provider around Adelaide,’ I said, forcing the words out of my throat. ‘There. I said it.’

‘What?’ she frowned. ‘I don’t quite… what?’

‘I want to be a nurse that helps disabled people,’ I nodded. ‘I’ve never felt this sure about anything before.’

‘Okay…’ she nodded, on supportive-autopilot. ‘I see. Who is that, by the way?’

‘Who’s who?’

‘The best disability service, such and such,’ she waved her hand.

‘Oh,’ I frowned. ‘I don’t know yet.’


‘More of an ambition than a plan, at this stage.’

‘You’re young, plans are overrated.’

‘Okay,’ I grinned, feeling lighter for the first time in weeks. ‘I’m glad you took it so well.’

‘Why would I have taken it badly?’ she smiled at me. ‘You know I’ve always thought community nursing is a noble career.’

‘I don’t know, actually,’ I frowned. ‘I can’t remember why I was so scared.’

‘You can tell me anything, darling,’ she said, walking over to me and brushing back a strand of my hair. ‘I promise. Your father and I will always support you.’

My smile deepened as she patted me on the shoulder.

‘Did I miss something?’ my dad frowned, walking into the kitchen holding a beer.

‘I’m gonna be a nurse!’ I cried out, throwing my hands into the air.

Excuse me?!’ he thundered.


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