CCTV Camera Installers

With holidays fast approaching, I just have to keep focus for six more hours. It sounds like a long time but when you have two hundred and sixty hours up your sleeve of holidays, six hours isn’t too much to get through. I’m currently in the office trying not to emotionally stand up out of my seat and rush out of the office in a dramatic fashion. I need to physically glue myself to my desk chair to keep me here for the next six hours because the will to leave is getting stronger by the minute.

I would do anything to be on holidays right now rather than clock watching until knock off time, but alas I need to work today and I need to welcome the commercial phone line and broadband installers into our office at 1:00pm. It’s 11:25am now so I have just over one and a half hours until the technicians or installers or whatever you call them are coming. You can tell that I don’t care about them in the slightest. Usually I’d somewhat care about doing my job right and show the higher ups that I’m invested in the future of our company, but today when I’m now officially less than six hours away from the holidays, I truly can’t bring myself to care.

Maybe when I get back from work I’ll be more interested in the work that the contractors are going to complete. I’ve heard a rumour that they’re also going to do an office CCTV camera installation. Melbourne office workers have a common tendency to work a significant amount of overtime which can leave us in the office well into the night. It’s obviously a bit scary being in the office when it’s dark and that has come up in a lot of feedback from myself and my coworkers. I suppose my bosses have decided to take employee feedback on board to keep us working for longer.


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