Building it Modest

Dive into Sir Reginald Pomp’s sprawling residence on the Mornington Peninsula, and you’ll swiftly realise that his idea of ‘normal’ is anything but. Our billionaire’s pursuit of an ‘average’ life led him to a unique request: a DIY room. But of course, in Sir Reginald’s world, DIY took on an entirely different meaning.

To him, it was a sanctuary for ‘Do It Yourself’ jewellery designing, where he’d conjure necklaces embedded with diamonds and gold-studded tiaras. He envisioned a table strewn with precious gems, a crafting station armed with platinum threads, and cabinets gleaming with his latest creations. However, the best-rated professional luxury home designers he’d roped in for the job had a contrasting vision.

When the builders heard ‘DIY room’, their minds wandered to toolkits, paintbrushes, and wooden workbenches. They imagined Sir Reginald donning overalls, ready to fix a leaky tap or assemble flat-pack furniture. The resulting blueprint was an eclectic blend of Sir Reginald’s extravagant imaginings and the builders’ grounded reality. Picture a room where a velvet-clad crafting table with golden scissors sits beside a meticulously organized toolbox and paint cans bearing designer labels.

Each of Sir Reginald’s visits to the house became a comedic spectacle. There he was, examining a soldering iron with the same fascination as a child at a toy store, while simultaneously inquiring if the crafting table’s velvet was imported from Italy. Or trying to discern the difference between a wrench and a plier, then swiftly moving on to choose between ruby and sapphire embellishments for his next necklace.

This dance between Sir Reginald’s whimsical wishes and the builders’ practicality reflected the unparalleled craftsmanship that the new home builders for Mornington Peninsula residents offered. They effortlessly weaved Sir Reginald’s lavish fantasies with functional designs, manifesting a DIY room that was both a craftsman’s dream and a billionaire’s playground.

Sir Reginald’s DIY room, much like the rest of the mansion, became a testament to the grandeur and luxury synonymous with the Mornington Peninsula’s finest homes. A room where the every day met the extraordinary, where Sir Reginald’s eccentricities came alive, and where the artistry of the region’s top builders shone brightly. It was, in many ways, the heart of the home, pulsating with laughter, luxury, and a touch of lunacy.


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