Bathroom Business Sneaking

Maphira stood stunned, holding the window in place as Vai finished cutting the hole. Rylee and three other Resistance members climbed through the new gap, entering the conference room.

Rylee glanced around the room, noticing all the paper scattered along the floor. “Looks like you kids had fun.”

She still couldn’t wrap her head around what Vai had made her realise. Could she really not experience any kind of attraction? The more she thought about it, the more it made sense.

“Alright, strike team,” Rylee said, laying out a map of the building on the table. “We’ve got multiple businesses to get through before we reach Green Security and make an attempt to snatch Bender. Alpha Team, consisting of Maphira, Vai and myself, will head through the home renovation business on floor 16, then head up to the conveyancing firm on floor 19. Omega team, you’re going through the paper company on the west side of the building. Understand?”

“What if someone asks why we’re there?” Vai said.

“Then tell them you’re interested in the best bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer. Pretend you’re listening, then when they turn their back on you make a run for it.”

“Makes sense.” Vai put a hand on Maphira’s shoulder. “I’m sure the three of us can handle that.”

Maphira managed to snap herself out of her dazed thoughts. “We’ll easily get through this office for a bathroom renovations business. Melbourne is their area of service, right? Just to make sure we’re clear on all the details.”

“Well,” Rylee started, “they’re not just a business for bathroom renovations. They do laundry renovations too. Is everything okay? Is your head in this?”

“Never better,” Maphira said, even as she found her mind drifting back to what Vai had made her realise. She had to snap out of it – just had to. If they got this right, everything could be over today. Stuff it up, and the war with the Conclave of Mechanists would continue.

They simply had to win.


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